Essential Oil Immunity Boosters

Your greatest wealth, is your health.  During these uncertain times, it is very important that our immune systems are working to protect us. You can safely and easily help support you and your family's immune systems by using essential oils and your LEBOHA essential oil jewelry for aromatherapy.
When you diffuse certain essential oils into the air you breath, you can help boost your immune system.  Diffusing immunity boosting essential oils can purify the air, relieve stress and fatigue, improve breathing, improve oxygen flow to the brain and so much more.

Try these TOP 5 Essential Oils for the Immune System

1. Lemon

Renowned for its antiseptic qualities, lemon essential oil is an immune stimulant high in d-limonene content, which is vital for the promotion of white blood cell production and many other immunity-related things.  The distinct and clean scent of lemon helps relieve nausea and helps stabilize mood.  Shown to be useful in treating influenza viruses, E. coli, some Staph strains, and more, lemon essential oils is a powerful antioxidant with antibacterial properties.

2. Eucalyptus

An antiviral and antibacterial oil, eucalyptus essential oils can help fight off many illnesses including colds, respiratory infections, throat infections, bronchitis, the flu and more.  It can also be used for muscle aches and pains, as well as aid in wound healing.




3. Rosemary

Helpful with respiratory illness, rosemary essential oil is a great warming oil used to clear sinuses and "foggy head".  (Use warming essential oils with caution.  Rosemary essential oil is a antimicrobial and shown to be useful treating bacterial and fungal infections.  It also has mild anti-viral properties and known to increase energy.



4. Tea Tree

Another immune stimulant, tea tree essential oil has antipathogen properties.  This very strong anti-septic essential oil which assists in preventing and fighting colds, the flu and a plethora of illnesses.  Known to help treat viral infections of the digestive system.  Tea tree essential oils is a strong anti-bacterial against E. coli and some Staph and Salmonella strains.



4. Clove Bud

Another powerful immune stimulant, clove bud essential oil is an anti-pathogenic and anti-septic, useful in treating certain infections, colds and the flu.  This strong anti-bacterial is also used to ease muscular pain and aching joints.





Honorable Mention

1. Cinnamon

Known as a strong anti-bacterial with some anti-fungal properties, cinnamon essential oil is known to be useful for colds and congestion.  Perfect for combating exhaustion, cinnamon essential oil is a highly effective antiseptic.  Use cinnamon essential oil with caution and avoid using directly on the skin.