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Leboha "Lava Collection" Unisex Single Wrap Handmade Uncoated Lava Bracelet Essential Oils Bracelet, 6mm Bead Size



Product Details

  • ONE OF A KIND ESSENTIAL OIL JEWELRY: Dainty single wrap beaded bracelet with semi-precious uncoated lava rock, uncoated lava beads have are able to soak up the essential oils better than normal coated lava beads. Exclusively designed by Leboha, you won't find another design like this.
  • BENEFITS OF LAVA STONE: Believed to have chakra grounding properties and are thought to improve strength and wisdom. Each lava bead is unique a differs from the rest.
  • SIZING: Each lava stone on this essential oil jewelry measures 6mm, unisex beaded bracelet fits almost every size. For women and men. Three different sizes: 7.5", 8.5", 9.5"
  • UNIQUE WAY TO DIFFUSE OILS: A simple way to use your essential oils, great Yoga Jewelry - add a few drops of your favorite oil(s) to a few lava beads and reap the benefits all day! The longer you let the oils sit on the lava beads the longer the scent will last. Each essential oil diffuser bracelet comes in a burlap gift pouch

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