Lava Rock Jewelry as Diffusers

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Lava Rock Jewelry as Diffusers

Presented by: Leboha (Essential Oil Jewelry) -

Written by: Aubrey Meister



Essential oils are very versatile and offer so many different benefits. They can help with nearly anything from headaches to sleep. There are a variety of ways to get the benefits of essential oils. One of the most common ways include diffusers and essential oil blends. The options for diffusing oils are seemingly limitless.

One less well-known way to use essential oils is with lava rock bracelets. Lava rock bracelets allow you to take in all of the benefits of essential oils while you’re on the go.

Lava rocks work to diffuse essential oils because these rocks are naturally porous. This makes them perfect for diffusing oils. You can even wear the bracelet for a few days before adding more oil. Due to their porousness, lava rocks can hold the oil for that long.

Keep in mind that certain oils stick around longer than others. For example, minty oils last longer than citrus oils do. You may have to experiment to find what works best for you.

Using lava rock bracelets as diffusers is easy. First, you need to find a lava rock bracelet.  Here at Leboha Essential Oil Jewelry, we offer a variety of Lava Rock essential oil diffuser bracelets and even necklaces!  Check out the Lava Rock Bracelet Collection here and the Lava Rock Necklace Collection here.

In addition to being functional and providing you benefits, lava rock bracelets are fashionable. Look around at your options to find one that fits your style. Some essential oil diffuser jewelry even features a combination of beads, such as wood, glass, and lava rock.

Once you have your essential oils and lava rock bracelets, you can get started. You simply need to add a drop or two of essential oil(s) to a few of the lava rocks. Then rub the oil into the lava rocks. Do this for a short time until the oil sets in.

Some people choose to wear lava rock diffuser necklaces instead of bracelets. Know that the process is the same and the lava rocks will still hold the oil for several days.

Lava rock is known for their grounding and protective properties. They create focus and balance. They ground your energy. In addition to receiving the benefits from your favorite essential oils, you get those extra benefits from the lava rock.

Now, you can easily take your essential oils on the go with you. You can relieve stress on your morning commute or ditch that bad mood as you work. A lava rock bracelet is an easy way to diffuse the essential oils you may be needing.


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