Mommy and Me: fight off illnesses and anxiety

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Mommy and Me: fight off illnesses and anxiety

Presented by: Leboha (Essential Oil Jewelry) -

Written by: Stephanie de la Cruz



While we all stay safe and healthy during shelter in place, use eucalyptus essential oil and your LEBOHA essential oil diffuser bracelets to fight off illnesses and anxiety.  Eucalyptus essential oil is an antiviral and antibacterial oil.  It has been know to help fight off many illnesses including colds, respiratory infections, throat infections, bronchitis, the flu and more.

We have styles for the whole family.  You and your mini me should try the Unicorn style.  We have them in kid sizes and adult sizes.  The Unicorn style is made with Lava Rock, which is good for balance and calm.

Adults in your family should also try out the Indian Agate style.  Along with the holistic healing of this bracelet's Lava Rock, the Indian Agate style offers anti-anxiety, healing, protection and stress relief.

This is safe natural holistic healing made easy!  It is a fashionable way to help keep your whole family protected!

Try doing some home exercises and meditations with you and your little ones.  They are fun and healthy activities the whole family can enjoy. 

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay stylish with LEBOHA.

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