10 Essential Oils to Ease Pregnancy Symptoms

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Goodbye Nausea! 10 Essential Oils that will Ease Your Pregnancy Symptoms

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Written by: Elizabeth Thorp



Pregnancy is a beautiful experience, but its symptoms can also be incredibly challenging. Many mothers aren't comfortable using medication to treat their nausea, bloating, and aches. For natural-minded moms, holistic remedies offer relief while they do the hard work of growing their babies. 

Are essential oils safe during pregnancy?
Essential oils - or the oils used in aromatherapy - have been used for thousands of years as a holistic, natural treatment for ailments. While many oils are considered safe, you should always consult with a doctor before you make a change to your regime during pregnancy. Here a few general rules of thumb to follow:

  • Avoid essential oil use in the first trimester.
  • Look for essential oils made from wild-crafted, natively sourced plants without additives.
  • Never apply undiluted oil directly to your skin. Mix a few drops with coconut oil instead.
  • Keep in mind that not all essential oils are safe. Oils that cause contractions - cinnamon, rosemary, clove, and clary sage - are a big no-no.
  • Don’t ingest your essential oils. Some oils may have harmful side effects for your growing baby when taken orally. Instead, diffuse them or mix with a carrier for skin application.

Essential Oils to Ease Your Pregnancy Symptoms

1. Boost energy with Wild/Sweet Orange

- Wild or Sweet Orange oils have an energizing, uplifting effect. It’s the perfect oil to use when your energy is at an all-time low.

2. Ease labor pains with Neroli

- Outside of pregnancy, Neroli oil is used as an antiseptic or antidepressant. Many women say the pleasant citrusy oil helps significantly ease their labor pains!

3. Remain calm during labor with Lavender

- Lavender is an invaluable tool in your birth kit. Laboring women find their scent to be calming and centering. Consider adding a few drops to a warm, wet washcloth and placing it on the laboring mother’s back.

4. Settle digestive issues with Chamomile

- Chamomile will be your new best friend if you’re experiencing any of the common digestive upsets. Diffused alongside clary sage, it is also be helpful during labor.

5. Relieve nausea with Ginger

- Ginger’s spicy scent is perfect for relieving dizziness, nausea, and stomach aches. When mixed with a coconut carrier oil, is also works to ease your body’s aches and pains.

6. Calm anxiety with Ylang Ylang

- Just a few drops of this fun-to-say oil will soothe any pre-baby anxiety you may experience.

7. Breathe easier with Eucalyptus

- One of the most common symptoms of pregnancy is a stuffy nose. Unfortunately, doctors don't recommend over-the-counter treatments when you’re expecting. Eucalyptus oil can help to open your airways and purify the air in your home.

8. Relax and prevent stretch marks with Frankincense

- From relaxing sore muscles to avoiding stretch marks, Frankincense is a fabulous oil. It has many postpartum benefits as well, like helping to reduce swelling and pain in the perineum.

9. Heal acne with Tea tree

- Your body is dealing with a flood of acne-causing hormones. The usual cleansers and ointments are off-limits for the safety of your baby, but there’s an oil for that! Tea tree acts as a localized natural antiseptic, healing your acne fast.

10. Eliminate morning sickness with Lemon

- Lemon oil is clinically proven to reduce morning sickness, nausea, and vomiting. It’s one scent you’ll be happy to smell through your whole pregnancy!

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