"How To" for your essential oil bracelet

"How To" for your essential oil bracelet

Presented by: Leboha (Essential Oil Jewelry) - liveleboha.com 

Here are some HOW TOs for your Leboha Essential Oil Jewelry:

  • Where do I put the essential oil on the diffuser bracelet? 

    All of Leboha's essential oil bracelets have either porous lava rocks or wood beads. Both of these kinds of beads absorb essential oil and allow for wearable aromatherapy.

    • How do I put the essential oil on the beaded bracelets? 

    You can apply the oils straight from the essential oil bottle or you can use a carrier oil with your essential oil and use a dropper bottle.  Just add the drops to the beads.  

    • How much essential oil should on put on the diffuser bracelet? 

    We suggest you add about 1-2 drops on each lava stone, but add drops to your desired scent. The awesome part about Leboha's essential oil bracelets is that almost all of them have multiple lava or wood beads so you can mix and match your oils!

    Remember to have fun with this! Mix and match different essential oils that make you feel good all day long! Recently we did an orange and peppermint mix, this combination was enlightening and really put the pep in my step. 

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