Why we use essential oils ...

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Why we use essential oils ...

Presented by: Leboha (Essential Oil Jewelry) - liveleboha.com 

So many people use essential oil for a variety of reasons. Everybody I think can conclude that they use them for their awesome properties that can help you through a variety of ailments. 

One of the biggest reasons for starting an essential oil bracelet company was because of the effect that we saw the oils with our son when my wife and I were "attempting" to get our 18 month old son to sleep better. I quoted attempted because if you are a parents you know this can be a struggle and sometimes when you let go it works. 

We tried everything to help our son to sleep, reading ALL the books, researching like the craziest detective into the wee hours in the morning. The thing that helped.. essential oils. We found that some blends of oils and some oils like lavender help with his sleep. They seemed to soothe him and assist in sleeping through the night. By all means this is not perfect but it helped a lot. 

So we thought why not make something to help others all day long! that is why we created Leboha. The other day I put wild orange on a new design we were testing out and it gave my a spunk in my step all day long. Whenever I needed an all natural pick me up, I just smelled the lava beads and... BOOM.. energy restored. 

We would love to hear how you use essential oils! let us know in the comments. Also make sure to follow us on Instagram to see all the crazy cool adventures we are up to! 

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